Sounds of Greece
   Join us for a night at the "Opa!"

Fundraising for young children's organisations

Fund-raising is an ongoing chore for many organisations.  Unfortunately, this important activity often falls onto the shoulders of a few, who may struggle to come up with new ideas, concepts and themes for fund-raising functions and activities with a point of difference which attracts people in good numbers..

As both parents and grandparents, Cristina and Theo hold the view that nothing is more precious than our children.  For this reason, Sounds of Greece is wholeheartedly committed to supporting fund-raising for organisations that are associated with the welfare, education and care of young children.

They do this by offering their entertainment services free of charge to early childhood, childcare and education centres, kindergartens, primary schools and community organisations such as the Plunket Society.

Sounds of Greece offers you the opportunity to enjoy Greek-themed functions with live music and dance, to make your fund-raising evening a memorable event; one which is very different from most events that are presently held.

If you wish to expand the Greek-themed concept beyond live music and dance, to also include authentic Greek food, that aspect can be incorporated:  we thoroughly recommend Brown's Bay-based Little  Greece who provide specialist Greek catering services.

Sounds of Greece performs regularly at numerous restaurants, cafes and private functions throughout Auckland and occasionally further afield, such as Tauranga, Whitianga, Wellington and Christchurch.  We also enjoy performing at community fund-raising functions.  Music and dance is something that Cristina and Theo are both passionate about and gives immense pleasure.  They are seasoned entertainers, love meeting people and providing community service, particularly in support of children.

We believe that what we are offering here is a fresh, innovative and great fund-raising model and welcome enquiries from children-based organisations to work together in generating funding to support the needs of our youngsters.
Topkids, New Lynn, fundraiser for Plunket Society [March 2015]